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"I'll have a pocket wifi at my AirBNB!"

One of the comments we often hear from clients is "I won't need to rent a WifiBuddy because my AirBNB/hotel will be providing a pocket wifi for us!". 

Fast-forward a few weeks, and then we hear back from them. 

They're here in Japan, and they're stuck. Their pocket wifi is slow, out of data, the battery is terrible and only lasts a half-hour, and only supports 2 devices. They can't view maps comfortably so they're getting lost, and they're getting frustrated. 

Here's a real-life review we got from a client named Selvin recently. 

AirBNB Pocket Wifi was no good, JapanWifiBuddy was great

One of the things that's important to realize is that the majority of AirBNB properties in Japan are run as side-businesses. The original vision of AirBNB was for people to open up their house and share maybe a spare room with travelers, along with some meals. Those kinds of properties are extremely rare in Japan, and so they must be thinking about the bottom line. In order to provide a competitive service, they have to include "FREE POCKET WIFI!" in their listing. Not all pocket wifis are created equal, and most business owners just want to provide the cheapest-possible option. This choice comes along with monthly data limitations, old devices, run down batteries, and a potential for all kinds of other problems. 

Don't make the mistake so many of our clients have of trusting their AirBNB host to provide a high-quality, unlimited data pocket wifi. Choose a WifiBuddy and have it it delivered to your airport or lodging of choice, and we'll make sure you're able to enjoy your internet connection so you can enjoy your trip! 

Gearing up for a trip to Japan this winter?

Every winter thousands of travelers seeking the fluffy Japanese powder-snow make the trip over. Offering dozens of world-class locations for snowboarding, skiing and various other winter sports, Japan has long been a popular winter travel destination. 

Whether you'll be traveling to Shirakawa-go, Niseko, Nagano, Hakuba, Zao, or any of the other popular wintersports locations, we're confident we'll be able to provide you and your family with the most affordable and powerful wifi experience for your whole trip. 

Though many Japanese providers don't offer coverage in many mountainous regions, our Silver and Diamond models do a better job than most! 

We also offer group discounts, whether you just need 2-3 devices to keep the family in touch while you're spread out at the resort, or you have a whole tour group coming up and everyone needs to stay connected. We're also proud to offer unlimited LTE-speed data packages, which are quite rare in Japan as most have hidden daily or monthly limits. 

If you're looking for a wifi rental for your trip to Japan this winter, please get in touch. We're looking forward to serving you soon!

Pictured below : Sapporo's Snow Festival 2017, from the Susukino-area location. 
Sapporo downtown Susukino Yuki Matsuri Snow Festival Asahi Beer