A bunch of friends and I went up to Niseko, Hokkaido recently to take a break for a night. Unfortunately for us, the weather ended up being cloudy and overcast for pretty much the entire time.

What didn't occur to me, is that a bit of sun, mixed with really light late-autumn showers ends up making for the ULTIMATE RAINBOWS! We're talking, you could almost GRAB this thing. And I don't think I've ever seen such a wide spectrum of colours either.

We took this first picture from the farm we were staying over at. Without the rainbow in mind, we packed up and headed out to grab a soft cream at Takahashi Farm on the way back to Sapporo. What we didn't expect was that the rainbow was basically next door from the soft cream place!

Double rainbow all the way!

Niseko's known for it's snowboarding and skiing, but it can be a pretty intriguing place in the Autumn or Summer as well!

(I did my best, but failed to uncover any secret pots of gold and/or leprechauns.)

One interesting bit of discussion that came up was that different cultures "see" a different number of colours in a rainbow. A more tangible example of this would be how in Japan, people say that street signals are "Blue, Yellow, Red", whereas most Westerners would say "Green, Yellow, Red".

Apparently some cultures only see 4 colours in the rainbow. Or more particularly, they only have words for 4 of the colours in a rainbow. How many colours do you see in the rainbow? Leave a comment below!

And I think it goes without saying....we were online the entire time :D