Due to popular demand, we've put together two more options for our beloved travelers coming to Japan!

Combining our top-notch service and response time, with the power of unlimited data LTE, we proudly present to you our new Gold packages!

1. Unlimited LTE Wimax 2+

Wimax, a network known for solid speeds, but very restricted service areas, has finally grown up. We had been looking into offering this service for a while, but felt unconfident doing so because of the widely varying speed, limited indoor reception, and extremely limited service areas.

But starting this year, the next generation of Wimax, called Wimax 2+ has been launched. They're rapidly increasing their service networks throughout the country, and indoor signal strength has been boosted. This WifiBuddy router has access to the country's fastest wireless networks, boasting 220 Mbps download speed!

2. Unlimited LTE YMobile

YMobile, the new recent evolution of a partnership between Emobile, Yahoo!, and Softbank, has also released an unlimited LTE service. It's known for it's broad service area and solid LTE upload/download speeds. This WifiBuddy router will keep you connected to your world at a beastly 165Mbps!

Stock is limited and we've been getting hammered with orders from all over the globe. Please book early to make sure you'll be able to have freedom during your stay in Japan!