Greetings from Japan!

For most people in Japan, April marks the beginning of a new year. School starts in April, new jobs start in April, many people are transferred to new cities, and for companies, the fiscal year often begins in April too. While we're enjoying the beautiful sakura blossoms, it's often hard to take in all the beauty while all the craziness of life is going on around us!

That being said, we want to share a big update with you, our beloved client.

For the new year, we proudly present a service update to you!

Up until now, our Unlimited Original package has offered 70MB of data per day, and we've upgraded it to 110MB!

Additionally, our Unlimited V2 package has offered 100MB of data per day, but we've upgraded it to 170MB!

That's approximately 45% more freedom for your time in Japan, at the same great price! :)

Thanks for a great year, buddies! Here's to an amazing 2015!