With the 2018 cherry blossom season coming to a close, it's been another beautiful year so far for Japan's famous sakura as they've bloomed through March, April, and into May.

While the season continues until mid-May in more northern parts of the country, here are our favorite photographs thus far from Tokyo, Kyoto, and elsewhere across Japan. Enjoy!


For a couple of weeks each year, the brief cherry blossom season brings an unusually soft edge to what's a largely stark and uncompromising cityscape, filled with neon lights and tall buildings.

Even in the depths of Tokyo's vast city sprawl, cherry blossoms prosper. From the city's parks to its hidden alleyways, and from dawn until dusk, Tokyo during cherry blossom season is sure to capture the imagination.


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Himeji Castle

A round-up of photographs from Japan's cherry blossom season wouldn't be complete without at least a couple of images from Himeji Castle.

Instantly recognizable, the iconic castle looks more resplendent than ever bathed in spring light and surrounded by sakura blossoms.


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Following Tokyo, Kyoto is perhaps Japan's most visited city during cherry blossom season.

The area's varied landscape, beautiful architecture, and crystal clear rivers make it the perfect backdrop for the pretty—and plentiful—pink sakura blossoms.

As old meets new, from Kyoto Tower to the city's abundance of historic buildings, Kyoto's beauty and charm are only amplified each year by the arrival of the cherry blossoms, however fleeting their stay.

Mount Fuji

Perhaps the epitome of Japan's wildly varied landscape, Mount Fuji is surrounded for hundreds of miles by endless cherry blossom trees.

A natural landmark more so than a single location, few photographers could imagine visiting the area during cherry blossom season and not capturing an image or two with Mount Fuji as the backdrop.


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