One of the discussions that comes up sometimes with our clients is the fact that the number of free public wifi access points is on the rise in Japan. Indeed, the city of Osaka was the first major city to embrace free public wifi in Japan this year. (See JapanToday article here)

In Osaka's case, users are, for the most part, allowed to log in for 30 minutes at a time, an unlimited number of times per day. Some spots are limited to 15 minutes per hour.

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This is a step in the right direction for convenience sake, but I always needs to remind my clients about SECURITY as well! The number of hacking incidents is also on the rise, and as the number of FREE TOKYO WIFI or BEST FREE WIFI look-alike names increases, the chances that you're actually connecting to a predator's network is also increasing.

When connecting to an unsecured network, it's important to remember that anything information you're sending over the network is much more likely to be visible to third parties. Sure, some innocent Facebook updates won't get you in much trouble, but a sensitive email, a social security number or some banking information getting stolen could really end up as a headache.

Even when connecting to secured networks with passwords, if there are other unknown users, you're still taking unnecessary risks. Many hotels and cafes offer wifi access to their customers. But according to a study in 2010 done by TrustWave SpiderLabs, credit cards are more likely to be hacked in hotels than in any other location they're used.

That's where JapanWifiBuddy comes in!
When you're connected to your own, private wireless network, you're much safer. Our WifiBuddy routers are password-protected and encrypted, so you can rest easy knowing that you're much safer accessing or sending your private information during your time in Japan.

Looking forward to serving you during your time in Japan!

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