Happy Birthday JapanWifiBuddy!

We turned one yesterday!

Thanks so much to all of our WifiBuddies all around the world, for an amazing first year! We've helped hundreds and hundreds of clients to stay online during their time in Japan this year!

Just a year ago, we were getting off our feet with just a few Bronze WifiBuddy devices, and we've grown to 4 excellent products, covering the gamut of services and options in Japan, all while providing the best service and prices.

Growing pains have definitely come with the growth this year as well. We've fought through issues and problems that have arisen with natural disasters, optimizing shipping methods, and forging new partnerships with various other partners who allow us to do a better job of keeping you online when you're in Japan!

The title of MOST POPULAR WIFIBUDDY of the first year goes to our SILVER WifiBuddy. It has an advantage, as it's been around for a while. But our clients consistently inform us that they are pleased with the outstanding battery life and amazing reception, even in remote areas.

But I have a feeling that this year, the title for most popular WifiBuddy will end up going to the Platinum WifiBuddy. Boasting generous data and beastly speeds, in recent months it has consistently been our top seller. Supplies are limited, so make sure you rent yours today!

Thanks so much everyone! Here's to an even more amazing 2nd year!