JapanWifiBuddy is looking for more affiliates to help us spread the word about our top-rated service!

We've been busy this year doing a lot of growing! 

We've multipled the number of clients we're serving in Japan, whether they are renting a WifiBuddy to keep their group online, or a sim card for a quick and clean way to stay connected. 

We're working hard on building more partnerships as well. The number of Twitch partners and blogging affiliates is increasing, but we'd like to boost that number even more! 

Are you a frequent traveler to Japan with a solid blog, social media, Youtube or IRL audience that could benefit from hearing about JapanWifiBuddy and the services we offer?

If so, please get in touch with us via email to discuss a partnership! Our affiliate program is easy to use and provides you the opportunity to add a passive income stream while connecting your clients with a great service at a great price. 

Please get in touch via email with the heading "JapanWifiBuddy Partnership Opportunity"! 

Email us here : Buddy@Japanwifibuddy.com