Get your hands on the only unlimited LTE-speed data sim cards available in Japan!

We're happy to announce that we finally have stock available again after a long wait!

We're confident we're the only online providers offering truly unlimited LTE-speed data sims in Japan. Most plans offer unlimited 3G-speed data once the daily limit is exceeded, but we haven't found any companies offering unlimited LTE yet! (As of November 2018!) 

Here's the pricing, including free 5-day shipping, to your arrival airport, hotel, AirBNB/lodging or anywhere else you'd like it shipped! 6 Days $39

12 Days $70

18 Days $105

24 Days $140

30 Days $175

We also offering extended hours shipping for those arriving after Post Office hours for your convenience. 

Looking forward to keeping you online during your time in Japan with even more convenience!