Pocket Wifi rental Narita airport

Japan Wifi Buddy provides pocket wifi routers you can pick at Narita Airport. Renting a pocket wifi is important if you are planning a trip to Japan. An internet connection with high speed will make it easy for you to stay connected with your friends or family during your trip to Japan.

In order to set up your internet connection in Japan, you will need to rent your Wifi Buddy in advance to make sure you receive pocket Wifi rental at Narita airport. We provide the best service at the best price in the market so our services are those which can be easily relied upon. We provide different plans for pocket Wifi which are ideally designed for the tourists in Japan.

We believe a thought of living without internet is really hard for modern people. It is merely a way which can make you comfortable anywhere or can be your good partner when you are traveling to a new country. It can help you navigate famous places, their routes and other information you may need during your tour effortlessly. If you want to share your beautiful time in Japan with your friends or family then a pocket Wifi could be helpful.

How to rent pocket Wifi rental?

  • Place an order of your Wifi plan before you go
  • Collect your pocket Wifi router at Narita Airport or at any other destination of your choice
  • Turn it on and enjoy unlimited + LTE speed
  • Return your router before you depart

Here at Japan Wifi Buddy, we gladly provide three different Wifi plans namely: Silver, Platinum and Diamond. You can select any according to your needs. We make you sure that you will receive super fast speed, can connect up to 10 devices with a single router, it is compatible with all kind of devices be it mobile, smartphone, laptop or tablet etc.

Feel free to contact Japan Wifi Buddy if you need the ultimate pocket wifi rental in Japan.