Pocket Wifi Tokyo

If you are looking for a place where you can get pocket wifi right away in Tokyo, Japan Wifi Buddy is pretty much the best way. Using high speed internet while traveling in Tokyo has become easy with pocket wifi. If you are traveling to another place you should collect some information on how to get there to avoid frustrating situations. Pocket wifi is a boon of technology through which we can handle such situations. It has brought a complete communication revolution to the world at low costs.

The founder of Japan Wifi Buddy, Tre, moved to Japan in 2009. Having grown up in Toronto and Los Angeles, he had always been surrounded by Japanese influence, so he knew there would be a lot to look forward to in Japan. He decided that there would be a good opportunity for a convenient rental business after making a few wifi rentals himself.

So, he launched Japan Wifi Buddy to keep people online with a smile during their time in Japan. Japan Wifi Buddy was started with 3 wifi buddies back in early 2014 and now they are in hundreds as it has built a reputation in the market by providing quality service at the best prices.

To get the service of pocket wifi Tokyo, place an order through our website www.japanwifibuddy.com. From the moment you land in Tokyo you will be able to connect to the internet using our services. Pick your WifiBuddy up right at the airport, hotel, AirBNB, or local residence anywhere in the country. Enjoy Tokyo being online with your whole group. Connect all your cell phones, tablets or laptops to it just like you would connect to any other wifi network at home. When you are done just pop it all back to us in the included prepaid envelope.

We believe in helping as many people as we can to live life to the fullest by working together in a positive and empowering environment.