The Diamond Pocket Wifi Buddy

Diamond Pocket Wifi Buddy Japan
  • Up to 12 hours of battery life [?]
    Stay connected to your world for the entire day!
  • Truly Unlimited 4G/LTE data allowance [?]
    Up to 187.5 Mbps download speeds
  • 98%+ Coverage of Japan
    Running on the top-tier Softbank/Ymobile network
    ( See coverage map )
  • Connect upto 10 devices simultaneously
    Connect your existing smartphones, tablets or computers!
from $ 50.79
Free Shipping & Returns
Free Extra Rechargable Battery backup
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True Unlimited data. Never worry about overage charges
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Carry around your own secure network
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More affordable prices compared to the competition
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Superior Customer Service & Response times

What's in the Box

In box
Mobile Backup battery
Pocket Wifi Buddy device
AC Adaptor & cables
Protective pouch
Return Envelope

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KENJI N. | | 25 April 2019
It made my trip comfortable.
It made my trip comfortable.

CHRISTOPHER M. | | 25 April 2019
Super helpful and reliable. The
Super helpful and reliable. The charging port was on the bottom and I would prefer the side.

CAMILA M. | | 25 April 2019
A lifesaver while in Japan!
We traveled through Japan successfully BECAUSE of the Japan WifiBuddy. We only used Google Maps to get around, so it was important to have an internet connection at all times. The wifi was fast -- considering we shared it between two cellphones and we had several apps open at once. My bf was always on PokemonGo while on the trip and he never had an issue. I would also go on Instagram/E-mail every now and then when I had a moment and the internet was still super fast. We utilized Google to search all the time and find places to eat or things to do. We also needed Google Translate frequently. We had a great internet connection for about 97% of the time. The 3% of the time it didn't work was in the Bamboo Garden in Kyoto, some other small streets in Kyoto, and randomly, at the vicinity of (not a main) train station in Tokyo. This was after we had already restarted the device. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Japan Wifibuddy during your trip to Japan -- it will make your trip.

FRANCIS S. | | 25 April 2019
Excellent device and service
The diamond WiFi buddy was really the cornerstone for us throughout the trip. We used googlemaps for transportation and played video games on the bullet train, without this device it would not be possible. No problems whatsoever, great internet speed everywhere, and highly recommend renting this device for any trips in Japan.

ALEXANDER L. | | 25 April 2019
Absolutely Perfect
The Diamond WifiBuddy that we used on our Japan trip worked flawlessly. I think the only time that we were unable to get a decent connection was in an underground nightclub. In our travels through Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hakone, and the islands along the Shimanami Kaido, we had wonderful speeds and connectivity. When I visit Japan in the future, I will rent through your company without hesitation.