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Our powerful pocket wifi routers will keep you connected to the fastest networks in Japan for the lowest prices!

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Stay connected wherever you go in Japan!
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Keep your data safe with your own personal network!
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Unlimited Connection
No overage fees on any plans!
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Connect up to 10 of your devices to the WifiBuddy
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Easily get in touch with support any day of the week!

Easier than pie - The WifiBuddy pocket wifi rental process

Place an order through our website!

Place an order through our website!

pocket wifi rental japan

Receive your WifiBuddy at your Airport or Hotel / accomodation!

Enjoy Japan while being online with your whole group

Enjoy Japan while being online with your whole group!

Pop it all back in the included self-addressed envelope and send it back to us

Pop it all back in the included self-addressed envelope and send it back to us!

Our Pricing

Silver WifiBuddy
  • Up to 17hrs. of Battery life [?]
  • 170 MB/day LTE Data
  • Unlimited 3G Data
  • Speeds up to 150Mbps
  • Up to 99%+ coverage of Japan
from $ 39.99

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Platinum WifiBuddy
  • Up to 12hrs. of Battery life [?]
  • 10GB 4G/LTE data / 3-day period
  • Unlimited 3G Data
  • Speeds up to 220Mbps
  • Recommended for Metro areas
from $ 51.99

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Diamond WifiBuddy
  • Up to 12hrs. of Battery life [?]
  • Truly Unlimited 4G/LTE data [?]
  • No overage charges for LTE usage
  • Speeds up to 187.5Mbps
  • Up to 99%+ coverage of Japan
from $ 59.99

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Japan Wifi Buddy

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Latest Reviews

Dublin, Leinster

Diamond WifiBuddy

Terrific service & connectivity
No problems with WiFi Buddy - their service or the device. Had full connectivity for two devices all over Japan for two weeks with no issues whatsoever. Highly recommended.
25 May 2018

Francisco V.
Rio Grande

Diamond WifiBuddy

Great customer service, even better product!
I used the Diamond WifiBuddy for 12 days in Japan and was very satisfied quth the service. The device always delivered LTE speed service all over Japan, and the team was always ready to help with any questions that came up. Pick up at a post office also worked very smoothly. I will be using it again when I come back to Japan!
24 May 2018

Christopher H.
Edmonton, Alberta

Diamond WifiBuddy

Was a perfect addition to our trip!
We loved the WifiBuddy! It kept us online our entire trip, even in the subways! We travelled in Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo, and had perfect reception everywhere! The battery life was pretty good, but the additional battery that was provided was a great way to keep it lasting the full day!
24 May 2018

Oslo, Oslo County

Diamond WifiBuddy

Excellent service!
Really really happy with our wifi buddy! It was so nice to always have internet on our trip. And Wifi buddy was much cheaper than their competitors. Really good vaue!
24 May 2018

Patrick N.
Toronto, Ontario

Diamond WifiBuddy

A great companion for the trip
I traveled with two other friends and we found the WifiBuddy to be incredibly convenient. The WifiBuddy allowed my friends and I to look up directions anywhere we were, including inside the subway since there are repeaters installed there. The WifiBuddy also worked on the Shinkansen (bullet train) which was a nice surprise and it allowed us to goof around on our phones while commuting to different cities. I would definitely use this again when I go back to Japan!
23 May 2018

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Diamond WifiBuddy

An Essential Tool for Traveling Japan
This Wifi buddy was great. It held its connection essentially constantly even when going through tunnels in shinkansen or when far underground in the subway. It was always fast enough to stream HD and backup photos. Also, even with two users simultaneously using it never got too slow to do anything with. I was very pleased with its performance!!
22 May 2018

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