How JapanWifiBuddy Works

Staying online wherever your trip through Japan takes you
has never been easier!

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Place an order through our website

Select from our range of WifiBuddies designed to cater across budgets and data usage needs.

Whether you just need access to Email and Maps on the go, or are a power-user looking for streaming, social media and uploading photos, we've got you covered!

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Receive your WifiBuddy at your arrival airport, hotel, accommodation or AirBnB

Pick your WifiBuddy up right at the airport or have it shipped to your Hotel, AirBnB or your friend's place in Japan.

Stay online from the moment you land!

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Enjoy Japan while being online with your whole group

Connect all your cellphones, tablets or laptops to it just like you would connect to any other Wifi network at home.

From picturesque rural Japan to developed metropolitan areas, stay connected to the internet wherever you go!

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Send it back to us in the included prepaid envelope

When you're done, just pop it all back in the included self-addressed prepaid envelope and drop it off in the nearest post office, mailbox or at your hotel's front desk!

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Silver WifiBuddy
  • Up to 17hrs. of Battery life [?]
  • 170 MB/day LTE Data
  • Unlimited 3G Data
  • Speeds up to 150Mbps
  • Up to 99%+ coverage of Japan
from $ 33.99

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Platinum WifiBuddy
  • Up to 12hrs. of Battery life [?]
  • 10GB 4G/LTE data / 3-day period
  • Unlimited 3G Data
  • Speeds up to 220Mbps
  • Recommended for Metro areas
from $ 43.99

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Diamond WifiBuddy
  • Up to 12hrs. of Battery life [?]
  • Truly Unlimited 4G/LTE data [?]
  • No overage charges for LTE usage
  • Speeds up to 187.5Mbps
  • Up to 99%+ coverage of Japan
from $ 53.99

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