The Diamond Pocket Wifi Buddy

Diamond Pocket Wifi Buddy Japan
  • Up to 12 hours of battery life [?]
    Stay connected to your world for the entire day!
  • Truly Unlimited 4G/LTE data allowance [?]
    Up to 187.5 Mbps download speeds
  • 98%+ Coverage of Japan
    Running on the top-tier Softbank/Ymobile network
    ( See coverage map )
  • Connect upto 10 devices simultaneously
    Connect your existing smartphones, tablets or computers!
from $ 50.79
Free Shipping & Returns
Free Extra Rechargable Battery backup
Unlimited blue
True Unlimited data. Never worry about overage charges
Security blue
Carry around your own secure network
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More affordable prices compared to the competition
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Superior Customer Service & Response times

What's in the Box

In box
Mobile Backup battery
Pocket Wifi Buddy device
AC Adaptor & cables
Protective pouch
Return Envelope

Reviews for Diamond Pocket Wifi Buddy

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CIELO M. | | 03 November 2017
Best investment!
Best decision I made for my first visit to Japan. The networks they used are very reliable. It was a big help!

MICHAEL C. | | 02 November 2017
Working perfect, pickup was very easy and dropoff took 2 minutes.
Highly recommended. Pickup was very easy, arriving at Narita airpoirt the post office was conveniently located near an elevator and showing my passport, it took 2 minutes to get the package. Getting online was as easy as opening the package and turning on the portable router. The wifi password was printed on the side of the router, in easy to read letters and it worked instantly. Wifi signal was present throughout our entire vacation in Tokyo and Kyoto, as well as on the bullet train between Tokyo and Kyoto. Speeds were good and we had no problem watching Netflix at the hotel, using the portable wifi connection. Chromecast even connected to the portable wifi with zero issues.

Mana B. | | 02 November 2017
Everything was so simple. It worked great everywhere. Highly recommend this company. Since my new iphone 8 did not connect I had to rely on wifi so it was a neccecity.

MICHAEL C. | | 02 November 2017
Works as advertised and reliable
I can't recommend this service enough. It was amazing having access to Internet anywhere in Japan. I went to Tokyo, Yokohoma, Osaka, Kyoto, and Hiroshima and there wasn't a time when my wifi buddy didn't work. Would recommend to anyone going to Japan.

CHRISTOPHER B. | | 31 October 2017
Travel Necessity
The WifiBuddy was a handy tool for my trip to Japan. The communication between the staff was sublime and made the purchasing process easy -- especially when they helped us locate the nearest post office to collect it from as we were staying in an AirBnB. During my month stay in Japan I had zero issues with the device, and would gladly use them again. The device was cheap for the usage we got out of it, the speeds were terrific, the reception was perfect everywhere we went, the battery life was good and the extras included (such as an additional battery, return postage envelope) were much appreciated. I would recommend this company to anyone travelling to Japan.