The Platinum WifiBuddy

Platinum WifiBuddy
  • Up to 12 hours of battery life [?]
    Stay connected to your world for the entire day!
  • 10GB of LTE-speed data per 3-day period
    Up to 220Mbps download speed at optimum conditions
  • Metropolitan Powerhouse
    Recommended for metro areas like Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka/Fukuoka/Sapporo/Sendai
    ( See coverage map )
  • Connect upto 8 devices simultaneously
    Connect your existing smartphones, tablets or computers!
from $ 49.99
Free Shipping & Returns
Free Extra Rechargable Battery backup
Unlimited blue
True Unlimited data. Never worry about overage charges
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Carry around your own secure network
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More affordable prices compared to the competition
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Superior Customer Service & Response times

What's in the Box

In box
Mobile Backup battery
WifiBuddy device
AC Adaptor & cables
Protective pouch
Return Envelope

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EU-JINN T. | | 16 April 2018
great, super easy to use, nice and fast. everything you need including cables and chargers in the pack. v good

ALEXANDRE P. | | 11 April 2018
Worked well!
Well, it worked the whole time we were in Japan, we had little glitches due to our old cellphones (+4 or5 years old) but we were always able to get it to work comes with a power bank which was also more than helpful since as we all know cellphone batteries are terrible. In itself the pocket wifi was small and light, similar to a 4 inches cellphone and lasted the whole day. Would have it again. Made our trip a whole lot easier. I mean it.

BENJAMIN C. | | 08 April 2018
Pocket wifi over 2 week period
I had no issues with the pocket wifi, and even with extensive wifi usage, I never hit my limits or had any major lag issues. Videos loaded fine, and a quick speed query yielded about 15 mb/s download while in Japan

AYLA B. | | 04 April 2018
Works great!
This was my second time renting the Platinum - it worked just as great as the first! We only had one connection problem, and that was easily fixed by a quick reboot. There were two people using it this time, and there was enough data for both of us to be using Google Maps, Yelp, keep family/friends updated by posting a few photos each night, etc. By the end of our 1-week trip, we had only used 8 or 9 gbs, so the 10gb/3days is plenty for most people!

PAUL L. | | 02 April 2018
A good experisnce
I found the device always performed up to expectations.