The Platinum Pocket Wifi Buddy

Platinum Pocket Wifi Buddy Japan
  • Up to 14 hours of battery life [?]
    Stay connected to your world for the entire day!
  • 2GB of LTE-speed data per day
    Up to 150Mbps download speed at optimum conditions
  • Outstanding coverage throughout Japan
    99%+ coverage of Japan
  • Connect upto 10 devices simultaneously
    Connect your existing smartphones, tablets or computers!
from $ 64.0
Free Shipping & Returns
Free Extra Rechargable Battery backup
Unlimited blue
True Unlimited data. Never worry about overage charges
Security blue
Carry around your own secure network
Price blue
More affordable prices compared to the competition
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Superior Customer Service & Response times

What's in the Box

In box
Mobile Backup battery
Pocket Wifi Buddy device
AC Adaptor & cables
Protective pouch
Return Envelope

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Erika M. | | 08 October 2015
Worth it!!
I highly recommend this device. I stayed in Japan for about a week and used Google Maps and several Social Media devices without going over the data limit. (I kept a close eye on it too just in case) The battery lasts for majority of the day and I only had to use the portable charger on occasion. I will definitely use this device and service again when I return to Japan. :)

Jonathan D. | | 03 October 2015
Good value for money!
The speed after you max out the usage was a little slower than I'm used to (felt a bit like the 56k days in the area I was in) but its hard to argue with the value for money I got during my month of use. Customer service was fantastic and the extra battery was super useful. Thanks JapanWifiBuddy.

Ashish D. | | 30 September 2015
Great experience with Japan Wifi Buddy
We recently returned from Japan where we rented this router. It was an excellent experience. Tre is very easy to work with and communicates quickly. The router itself worked perfectly everywhere we went (Hiroshima, Kyoto and surroundings and Tokyo and surroundings). Battery lasts almost the whole day and they also provide a spare. It's great to have Internet (and Google Maps) while traveling in Japan. IMHO, this is a must-have for your trip. Highly recommend Japan Wifi Buddy.

Weiwei C. | | 16 July 2015
Excellent experience
Had excellent experience from online ordering to airport post office pickup/drop-off, at the price cheaper than others.

Kari Y. | | 16 June 2015
Fast & Reliable!
After living in Japan and making multiple trips back and forth between Japan and the US, I decided to try Japan Wifi Buddy. I ordered the Unlimited Gold WiMax 2+ for 2 weeks. It was waiting in my hotel room when I arrived in Japan with all the instructions, cords, and extra battery. It worked great and was awesome to connect my phone and tablet to while traveling. Return was super easy--throw everything in the prepaid envelope and drop it in the mailbox. I would highly recommend renting from Japan Wifi Buddy!